Meet Last Spring’s $10,000 Winner

The school year is in full swing and our actors are on the road performing The Conservation Caper and Energy Agents, in-school programs from Duke Energy. Let’s take a moment to catch up, shall we? You might remember that when students and their families requested their free Energy Kits as part of last year’s in-school programs, they were not only making their homes more energy efficient, they were throwing their hats in the ring to get $10,000 for their school.

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Dr. Tracey Lewis, Principal & Tabatha Cox, Counselor

Out of hundreds of schools who were entered into last year’s $10,000 grand prize drawing, Pilot Mountain Middle School in Pilot Mountain, North Carolina was our spring winner. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the PMMS Ravens pride themselves on their up-to-date engagement with technology, tightknit community, and as of this summer: 10,000 extra bucks!

We asked Tabatha Cox, Guidance Counselor at PMMS, a few questions about the money, the moment she heard the news and what they did to get lucky.

What's your reaction to winning the My Energy Kit $10,000 school grand prize?

When I received the phone call, I was so thrilled and excited for my school! Tears of joy were running down my face as I was shouting out loud in the office. I think several other staff members thought I had won the money for myself. It is such a joy to be able to say our school is the grand prize winner! I was beyond ecstatic for my school!

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What do you think you'll do with your prize-winning money?

The winning money will be shared equally amongst our staff members to ensure all of our students benefit from the winnings! I love that we are able to do this and make sure every teacher here at Pilot Mountain Middle School has the opportunity to benefit from our winnings.

How did you encourage your school's families and staff to sign up for their free Energy Kits?

We encouraged our staff by reminding them of the benefits and they offered incentives to the students to earn points towards behavior. When you work with such a great group of individuals that believe in teamwork it is easy to get things accomplished!

What was your favorite part about The Conservation Crew in-school program?

Our favorite part about The Conservation Crew was the level of engagement. The show was entertaining and it engaged our middle school students. They enjoyed the show while also learning some valuable information.

We are so proud of the Pilot Mountain Ravens, and of every school who participated in last year’s program.

We could tell you that the winning school we feature next time could be yours if you get lucky, but we won’t. You know why? There’s no “luck” involved. This year, when your school meets the My Energy Kit Challenge, your reward money is guaranteed.

During the 2016-17 school year, every school that hosts The Conservation Caper or Energy Agents is invited to take the My Energy Kit Challenge: reach 100 unique Energy Kit requests from your students and staff, and automatically receive $250. In fact, participating schools will receive $250 for EVERY 100 kit requests. This December, the school with the most kit requests will win the grand prize of $2,500.

By meeting the My Energy Kit Challenge, your school also conserves 20,000 kilowatt-hours of energy, and contributes to our larger goal of saving 10 million kilowatt-hours of energy together.

As the Ravens have learned, more energy saved means greater rewards, and now more schools (and your school) will reap the benefits!

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PMMS students who received kits