Who you gonna call?
The My Energy Kit Team!

Everyone’s heard of the A-Team . . . well, now you can meet the My Energy Kit Team! Families across Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina and South Carolina are saving energy with their FREE Energy Kits through the in-school programs from Duke Energy. The National Theatre for Children (or NTC for short) is proud to work in partnership with Duke Energy to produce these in-school programs and manage the My Energy Kit Challenge.

While the actors playing superheroes are out on the road performing The Conservation Caper and Energy Agents, the My Energy Kit Team stays back at our headquarters answering calls on the My Energy Kit hotline (1-855-386-9548), helping with questions, taking kit requests, tracking requests, assigning schools credit for their kit sign-ups and more.

MyEnergyKit Logo

NTC’s headquarters in Minneapolis, MN

So, who are these unsung energy-saving heroes who don’t get applause, superhero status or nifty costumes? Say hello to the My Energy Kit Team! Here are some of our team members:

Rosa Simone Raarup loves people getting “super excited” about schools and parents working together to increase Energy Kit requests and earn cash rewards. And why does she love this excitement? Because she knows saving 10 million kilowatt-hours of energy is like planting 175,000 trees! Her favorite comfort food is really good mac and cheese. What could be better after a busy day on the phone?

Shana Eisenberg takes personal satisfaction in assisting English as Second Language callers on the My Energy Kit hotline. “They are so intent on helping their kids and their schools.” After performing her phone duties, Shana performs on stage in plays and musicals. She rewards herself for a job or a show well done with chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake.

Alana LaBissoniere still smiles about the child who called in to tell us that her family signed up online, and proceeded to ask Alana if she saw it go “through the Internet.” Since joining the My Energy Kit Team, Alana still marvels at how easy it is to save money and energy by doing simple things: turn it off if you’re not using it, lower the temperature setting on the water heater, etc. . . . all methods the live performances emphasize at participating schools. Alana denies being a chocoholic, but her Teammates know better.

MyEnergyKit Logo

L-R: Andrew, Lindy, Alana, Alison, Shana, Rosa, John

One of the three non-Minnesotans on the My Energy Kit Team, Alison Rigazio is originally from Phoenix, AZ. She enjoys chatting, bantering and trading experiences with many callers. In fact, after she explained the difference between CFL and LED bulbs to one of her callers, the caller reciprocated by teaching her the difference between a lady bug and a yellow beetle. When not taking calls, Alison is into musical theatre. Her friends, Ben and Jerry, provide her occasional solace with their non-dairy ice cream.

While Lindy Jackson enjoys chatting with people about where they live, her favorite story sounds like a sitcom pilot. “I once had a conversation with a gal who told me about how her cat and dog each ‘rule’ over a specific half of her house!” Lindy didn’t specify which half of the house the gal got to use. When not taking Energy Kit requests over the phone, Lindy enjoys performing, being in the outdoors and eating Chinese takeout.

Andrew Jacobsen spends time on the road visiting schools that are participating in the My Energy Kit Challenge, preparing them to host our exciting, entertaining and informative elementary and middle schools shows. Andrew often wears a vest or sport coat while taking calls—not your usual superhero attire.

Our third non-Minnesotan is John Kunik, a Michigander (that’s what they call folks from MI). Being a trivia buff, he enjoys finding tidbits of fun facts about the people who call to request their free Energy Kit. Once, he spoke with a gentleman who owned property that was originally owned by our 23rd President, Benjamin Harrison, the pioneer of national forest reserves. Kunik is certain Harrison would be pleased with the number of the trees being saved by the My Energy Kit Challenge. When not taking calls, John acts, directs, does stand-up comedy and survives on the road by enjoying his favorite comfort food: pizza!

Now, when your students and their families call to request their free Energy Kits, you know who’s on the job! Give the My Energy Kit Team a call at 1-855-386-9548. Hey, it’s not every day you get to chat with a superhero.