The Race is on and the Finish Line is in Sight

MyEnergyKit Logo Hi everyone, Brad Pittstop here, your color commentator for one of the biggest races in the old U. S. of A. Ladies, gentlemen, kids of all ages, it’s the merry month of May, and that means big time racing.

During the 2016-17 school year, Duke Energy and The National Theatre for Children have presented in-school programs throughout Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio and South Carolina, inviting families to save energy, electricity and water with free Energy Kits for their homes. But the fun isn’t over after the touring actors drive their final lap around your town: every school who has hosted The Conservation Caper and Energy Agents gets a spot on the starting line of the My Energy Kit Challenge.

The goal of the My Energy Kit Challenge is to save 10 million kilowatt-hours of energy, and the more schools who sign up for Energy Kits, the more kilowatt-hours are saved. Every participating school earns $250 for every 100 Energy Kit requests, and the school that has the most unique Energy Kit requests wins $2,500! As the year comes to a close, schools are jostling for the lead with help from every student who signs up their family for a free Energy Kit. Have you gotten yours?

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As of this moment, we are 96% of the way toward our 10 million kilowatt-hour energy-saving goal—wow, 96%! The top 10 contenders in the My Energy Kit Challenge are eight North Carolina schools and two Indiana schools. C’mon, schools in Ohio, Kentucky and South Carolina . . . it’s never too late to mount a successful stretch run! Speaking of the final stretch, the deadline to be considered for the $2,500 grand prize is approaching at breakneck speed: that’s May 31, folks. May 31!

And hey, we know we’re not the only race in town. May 6 marks the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby, the first jewel in horse racing’s coveted Triple Crown, and the 101st annual Indianapolis 500 roars into action on May 28—and all of it right here in Duke territory.

Duke and NTC have visited over 1,100 schools since September, and over 500,000 students and teachers have the opportunity to take the crown in the My Energy Kit Challenge. And unlike those hustling horses and competitive cars, there can be more than one winner each year. 318 schools have reached the 100 Energy Kit mark this year and claimed their $250 reward. Not to mention, energy-saving schools who reach their 100 Energy Kit goals are rewarded all the way through June 30—yes, even past the May 31 deadline for the $2,500 grand prize!—so come summer, those numbers will keep going up, up, up.

That’s right—when your race is the My Energy Kit Challenge, the more winners, the merrier. If NTC has visited your school, be sure your family has requested a free Energy Kit for your household. And speaking of family, May 14 is Mother’s Day, and every mom deserves to be a queen. So here’s a shout out to my mom, Anjoleena Pittstop. Hey, Mom!

Okay, folks, that’s a wrap of racing’s biggest month, brought to you by Duke Energy. This is Brad Pittstop, signing off. Hopefully we’ll see you in the $2,500 grand prize Winner’s Circle by May 31!

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