Did we do it? YES, WE DID!

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What a year, huh? It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’ve had such a busy schedule—all those school activities to take part in, projects to get done, T’s to cross and I’s to dot … all while tearing up the town as a larger-than-life-effortlessly-cool-energy-saving superhero!

Duke Energy and The National Theatre for Children had a blast presenting The Conservation Caper and Energy Agents for yet another fantastic year of touring and recruiting you as patrons of making our world more resource-conscious and energy efficient. And to top it all off, *drumroll please …

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This year we truly had some incredible turnout in regards to program participation. With a total of 2,222 performances at visits to 1,148 schools, you fine participants made reaching that goal attainable. Your stellar dedication and drive to be champions made for an awesome year, and we’d just like to say thanks a million (or more like 10 million, am I right?) for making it all happen!

So let’s be real—is 10 million kilowatt-hours of energy really that much? Absolutely! To put your efforts from this year into perspective, let’s take a look at the big picture. As we mentioned in this year’s very first newsletter, we just celebrated our sixth year of creating and performing school energy conservation programs with Duke Energy. The anniversary had us all feeling a little bit sappy (cue the tissues), a whole lot proud (cue the celebratory dancing), and most of all, very reflective on all the accomplishments that have been made over the years. So after we set and reached our goal to save 10 million kilowatt-hours this year, we decided to do the math to find out just how much we’ve worked to save over all six years!

As you may know from the nifty kilowatt-hour calculator on the My Energy Kit website, 20,000 kilowatt-hours saved (100 energy kits utilized) is equivalent to conserving the electricity it takes to power two homes for an entire year. Throughout the six years that Duke Energy and NTC have teamed up to create these programs, we calculated that over 254,000 energy kits have been utilized by all of you wonderful parents, staff and students. That number of kits means that over a whopping 50 million kilowatt-hours of energy has been saved overall—so far! Just think of how many homes that massive amount of saved energy has powered; how much garbage it kept out of landfills, or how many carbon emissions were stopped from entering our atmosphere. It’s quite a feat! The 10 million kilowatt-hours you saved this past year has contributed to something really substantial—a movement that with your dedication, has made a huge difference in helping our world.

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Check out how much energy your school has saved!

What’s next, you may ask? Well, saving energy is never going out of style. The panache of your flawless kit-requesting skills and reward-reaping know-how has made that super clear. So we’re resetting the clock, and the My Energy Kit Challenge is coming back in full swing! We’re striving to save 10 million kilowatt-hours yet again with an action-packed 2017-2018 school year. Get ready to laugh and learn through the improvisational shenanigans of The E-Team, and get a taste of what restauranteur Lorraine Quiche is whipping up in Kilowatt Kitchen. Fall scheduling is underway, so if you haven’t already, get your school’s performance booked today at nationaltheatre.com or by calling The National Theatre for Children at 1-800-858-3999 ext. 1.

Are you up for joining us on another whirlwind adventure? Are you ready to take the challenge again? Okay then—let’s do this!