2016-17 Kick-off

Is it August already? Are sharpened pencils and science projects really just around the corner? The My Energy Kit team can’t believe it, either. But don’t hop out of the pool just yet. It’s time to party!

Throughout 2016-17, we’re celebrating SIX YEARS of school energy conservation programs presented by The National Theatre for Children, all of them thanks to Duke Energy. You’ve been with us as we fought The Sneaker, and been our sidekick for the showdown at Resource Ranch. You’ve helped defeat Pie Rat, and even used your knowledge of Earth energy to blast Harmonica Mars back into space.


Now, we’re back with two brand new adventures. Your elementary school students will help superhero-in-training Nikki Neutron take on the wishy-washy villain Dr. Maybe in The Conservation Caper, and through three improvisational comedy sketches, the Energy Agents will gain thousands of new secret agent recruits: your middle school students!

Though our programs have always been about saving energy, this year we’re putting a number on it. That’s right, we’re going to save 10 million kilowatt-hours by taking the 2016-17 My Energy Kit Challenge, and we’re going to do it together.

Thanks to all the schools who have participated over the past five years, we’re confident we can reach this 10 million kWh goal. We want to see the tools from each and every free Energy Kit installed, so the homes of your students will use less water, keep heat and cool air insulated, and burn less electricity— making the world better for generations to come.


As our old boss U.R. Fired used to say, bigger goals, better rewards. Each school that meets the My Energy Kit Challenge gets a guaranteed $250. No, we have not been abducted by alien Bile. We mean it: 100 Energy Kit requests, $250. No questions asked. Then, if 100 more students and their families request Energy Kits, you get another $250. And so on.

Not only that, the school that saves the most energy by requesting the most Energy Kits receives the grandest prize of all, Captain Doorknob’s hook! Just kidding. It’s $2,500.

Now that’s what we call an anniversary celebration!