Space Station Conservation

Word Up!

Purpose of Activity: Review and Remember

Description: A vocabulary Language Arts activity where you fill in the blank using letters to spell vocabulary words from this program.

Two levels of difficulty
Time: 5 to 10 minutes for each level
Grade Range: K-5
Plays best on whiteboard, computer, tablet or smart phone

Memory Mayhem

Purpose of Activity: Remember

Description: A memory game to test your skills at finding and matching informational icons.

Time: 5 to 10 minutes
Grade Range: K-5
Plays best on whiteboard, computer, tablet or smart phone

Friendly Feud

Purpose of Activity: Review, Identify Details and Apply Skills

Description: Classroom trivia game based around the content in the program that can be played one-on-one or team versus team. High score wins!

Two levels of difficulty
Time: 15 to 20 minutes
Grade Range: K-5
Plays best on whiteboard, computer or tablet

Student Playbook

Fun classroom and family activities that emphasize the Four Cs of 21st Century Education Skills – Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking. Students can review, identify details, remember, apply skills and share their knowledge with family and friends.

Co-curricular subjects included: Math, Reading, Science, Language Arts, Spelling and Arts

Activities: Vocabulary, Word Scramble, Word Find, Math Message, Crossword, Quiz and Take Home Activity

Class time: 60-90 minutes

Printable or download PDF

Kilowatt Kitchen e-book

Purpose of Activity: Review, Reading and Reading Comprehension

Description: An interactive digital story to help students read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to support comprehension. Teachers can use this activity to support and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words and meanings.

Time: 20-30 minutes
Grade Range: 3rd-5th
Plays best on whiteboard, computer, tablet or smart phone


Description: Flip through this colorful graphic novel for a new and engaging story. With fun artwork, entertaining characters and expanded information, the Electrana graphic novel offers a page-turning experience.


Description: A digital breakout game based around the content in this program.

Game Story: You enter the in the offices of The Energized Guyz, a league of superheroes who track down and eliminate energy waste. One of these heroes, Electrana (AKA Ella Hollinsworth), has gone missing, leaving behind nothing but a few digital clues. So, with Electrana missing, The Energized Guyz’ arch nemesis, Professor Ohm, can get busy wasting energy all over the community. You must use your wits to solve the clues to find Electrana and stop Professor Ohm’s shenanigans, before all the energy in our town is wasted!


The Conservation Caper smart speaker app will run on any Amazon or Google smart speaker or any device with the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant app.

Simply say “Alexa, open Conservation Caper” and have fun!